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Argumentative essay on religion and science

argumentative essay on religion and science

cannot be tested by any experiment. Generally, it does not include references and"s. But science does not have the answer to everything. Does advertising promote a vain lifestyle? In view of this, people with strong religious beliefs may not easily accept new knowledge that is not based on faith or divine revelation. In accordance, in order to get where people want to get in the afterlife, humans also utilize religion as an instrument for living. Science deals with the world that we know, the material world that is comprehended by the senses; religion is concerned with a supra-mundane world- world that we cannot be said to know. Also, objectivity as a temperament of the mind is needed in this pursuit. The differences in perspectives between science and religion have further been facilitated by the fact that while science is constantly changing, religion tends to be static most of the times. In the 19th century also Darwin's Theory of Evolution gave rise to angry opposition from the Christian Church, since his theory cut across the Biblical version of the creation of mankind from Adam and Eve. Is it ok to use Photoshop in women for advertising?

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But religions oppose to this finite world of matter, the God who is endless. Knowledge can be pursued through religion or science, though they both use different methodologies. Have women become objects thanks to advertising? It is on account of this neglect of the moral and spiritual aspect of life that science has been applied for destructive and immoral purposes during the last century. You need to have skills to write a good essay. Science can only go so far.

argumentative essay on religion and science

Thats exactly what the creation theory is, beliefs in a superior supernatural being, whereas the.
Religion has been guiding the society for thousands of years.

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