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Good leadership essay

good leadership essay

be a very important characteristic of a good leader together with interpersonal relationships which is also related to emotional intelligence as discussed previously. Conclusion If you possess leadership qualities, you may take up the role of a leader. Types of Leadership Styles Democratic Leadership The subordinates are a part of the decision-making process in this type of leadership. East Sussex UK: Psychology Press. Essentials of Organisational Behaviour. It is not considered to be an effective leadership style.

Leadership, essay : Characteristics Of A, good, leader

good leadership essay

A problem with both trait theories and contingency theories is that they appear to focus on the characteristics of the leader and do not consider the characteristics of, the interactions with, or the role of, subordinates. Know Your Weaknesses, dont Play the Blame Game, be Encouraging.

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Goleman (1998,.317) defines emotional intelligence as the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions in ourselves and in our relationships. This kind of leadership has often been criticized. A leader must have a clear vision of for where to move and must aim at achieving the goals. Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development. There are leaders who are competent but only a few are remarkable. A good leader is always on the watch out for the solutions to promote long-term success for his/her organization. If you want to join the group of remarkable leaders then the following qualities are a must: Decisiveness, it is imperative that a leader must have the ability to take any decisions. Re-storying and visualising the changing entrepreneurial identities of Bill Gates and Richard Branson, Culture and Organisation,16(4 307-331 Bono,.E. If yes, then you certainly have one of the most important qualities that make a great leader with unmatched management skills.

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