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Using lyx to write phd thesis

using lyx to write phd thesis

LaTeX class intended to write thesis (in French). Lyx also handles cross references and the bibliography in a nice intuitive manor. It really doesnt matter what version control system you use with Lyx. Fonts - I kept this simple to start with, using Sans Serif as the Default family, and Helvetica for Sans Serif. You can see sample pages at and download the LyX file from the site. Lyx Thesis Template for Stanford University. M/klenje/unibo-thesis-lyx, princeton University LyX Thesis Template, a LyX template for writing a thesis at Princeton University. And the assistance you get can be pretty phenomenal. Obviously using Lyx would lose some of its appeal if it was impossible to use the provided document class. When writing in LaTeX or html the same problem occurs when I switch to formating the tags.

Theres quite a bit written about LyX already, but Ive found a blog post by the same name as this one particularly useful. When first attempting to use the LaTeX document class from my university I spent a lot of time trying to get the document class to show up as an option in Lyx. Thanks to Andrew for a couple of the ideas presented here. Immediately after the title LaTeX command add lines similar to the following (obviously filling in the values for your thesis). Once I got it set up this saved me days and weeks of man-hours. But learning how to fiddle with the code is qwertyuiop characters essay rather time-consuming, so if you're not a hardcore programmer (and I still don't really consider myself one of the hardcore types) there is quite a learning curve. I changed mine to 2cm Top, Bottom, Outer and 3cm Inner. Bibliography - Natbib, style Numerical. This is pretty brilliant, because it lets you (the writer) worry mostly about the content rather than the format.

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