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Essay on sant attar singh ji in punjabi

essay on sant attar singh ji in punjabi

of the sons of Maygh Raag. The title literally means a 'garland. (5) Parent Raga: Sri raga Wives : Bairavi, Karnati, Gauri, Asavari, Sindhavi. These are the eight sons I have listed. After 20 years of service, Sant Atar Singh died at Gurdwara Reru Sahib on He was succeeded by Sant Bhagvan Singh who kept the Reru Sahib legend alive. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji cleaned his teeth with a branch from the tree "Reru". On the Diwali day, after detailed exchange of ideas and considerations, it was concluded that Raag Mala is not Gurbani. Here, he found the old historical shrine, Reru Sahib, commemorating, guru Gobind Singh's brief halt under a reru tree (Mimosa leucophloea) during his journey from Machnivara towards the Malva country in December 1705.

( Since there is a difference of opinion within the Panth on this issue, nobody should dare to write or print a copy of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji excluding the Raag Mala)." 7 Six are male (parent) ragas; the thirty raginis are their wives. Amritsar, 1996 Kavi Santokh Singh. Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the ship to get across this ocean of world. Ragmala or, ragamala (pronounced rgml) is the title of a composition of twelve verses, running into sixty lines that names various ragas which appears in most copies of the. The chief raags are shudh,.e. The sounds of Pancham, Harakh and Disaakh; the songs of Bangaalam, Madh and Maadhav. Pages 973/2 and 974/1 are blank, and on page 974/2 is Raagmala.

Archived from the original (PDF). Listen to the audiobook of his Jeevni "Jiwan Gatha' and be inspired! External links, references. Another argument of the traditional schools that it is a part of the original copy and is written in the same ink and with the same pen as was used for the other parts of the Granth. Asawari used in the Scripture as a part of Asa raga is according to ragmala the wife of Sri raga. One cannot measure the great spiritual benefit of reading a complete reading of whole of Baani.

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