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Microarray research paper

microarray research paper

of microarray technology from poorly understood and doubtfully applied in the fields of medicine to one that requires attention when the examination of clusters of genes in a single experiment is considered. 32 were the first attempted to produce an allergen-induced gene kennedy public values essay expression profile in the lung of a non-human primate using genomics tools such as microarrays and real time-(RT)-PCR in an independent way. It is associated with two clinical entities, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. This syndrome that responds poorly in therapeutic interventions and has a poor prognosis has been associated with a myriad of mediators including cytokines, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, growth factors and proteolytic enzymes 54,. Clin Exp Immunol 2001, 123: 1817. Although limitations such as inconsistency between findings derived by microarray approach and independent studies, lack of functional changes assessment and significant data variability can be detectable in these studies, however evidence derived from these analyses is valuable and heavily informative (Table 4 ). Identification of genome-wide binding sites for transcriptional factors that regulate the transcription of genes.

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Despite the clear link of smoking to the risk for chronic bronchitis, only 1520 of cigarette smokers develop copd, 49 suggesting that there must be risk factors other than smoking that contribute to the susceptibility to this disease. View Article PubMed Google Scholar Vuillemenot BR, Rodriguez JF, Hoyle GW: Lymphoid tissue and emphysema in the lungs of transgenic mice inducibly expressing tumor necrosis factor-alpha. Khatri P, Sellamuthu S, Malhotra P, Amin K, Done A, Draghici.

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Cytoscape: a software essay on terrorism causes effects and solutions environment for integrated models of biomolecular interaction networks. Yang Y, Buckley MJ, Dudoit S, Speed. Though this study demonstrated significant differences in the expression of apoptosis-related genes in peripheral blood of patients with acute onset sarcoidosis compared to controls, ultimately did not manage to show a definite profile that was suggestive of survival or apoptosis. However the small number of patients recruited in this study and the lack of functional genomic analysis allow us to make only speculations on the exact role of this factor in the disease process. Schuchhardt J, Beule D, Malik A, Wolski E, Eickhoff H, Lehrach H,. Shi H, Guo J, Duff DJ,. Optimistically thinking we expect that over the next few years the pattern of development and use of microarrays will be on a similar trajectory to that seen for computers and other high-tech electronic devices, which started out as exotic and expensive tools in the hands. Gene expression is measured by the amount of mRNA therefore it must be extracted from the sample cells or tissues. The Pathway Tools software. A cluster of ABA-regulated genes on Arabidopsis thaliana BAC T07M07. Braude I, Vukovic B, Prasad M,.

Neural networks - a comprehensive foundation. View Article PubMed Google Scholar Eisen MB, Brown PO: DNA arrays for analysis of Gene Expression. Possible limitations include small number of tissues studied, incomplete microarray survey techniques and minor discrepancies between the findings generated from validation studies.

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