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If i am rich and famous essay

if i am rich and famous essay

helps us throughout life, determining our future. On the other side of the argument, people who dont fancy being a rich and famous argue that money doesnt bring happiness. Secondly, a rich person insainty ple research papers might have better social status than a famous person. Billionaires and millionaires are at the top of their social status but are hardly famous to the younger demographic because they are not famous by virtue of being presented to the younger generations information highway.

At the same time it is tiring, annoying and dangerous and it means a constant life application essays for duke under pressure, which can turn your life from paradise into disaster. Basically, there are many things to be considered while climbing the social ladder. In my opinion, I would never like to be a rich and famous. However, a famous president or politician will gain a wide range of fans only while they are in limelight. Therefore, he may have a more comfortable and peaceful lifestyle. Last but not least, if a person is famous, his privacy might be invaded aggressively by paparazzi and stalked by public. Without these, our potential cannot be reached. It must be a fantastic feeling, when your fans ask you for an autograph or taking photo.

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