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Essay on the holy roman empire definition

essay on the holy roman empire definition

So when Charles attempted to act against rulers who supported Luther he found that Catholic princes did not support him as they were fearful of an increase in the Emperors power. The emperor had a small glimpse of the role of the medieval papacy. . In comparison to the structure of the empire, this was not as significant due to the spread of Lutheranism because despite it being out of control, Charles could have delegated other people to carry out his roles in other countries so he could focus.

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essay on the holy roman empire definition

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The Holy Roman Empire had a couple of wars, and invasions.

The Holy Roman Empire was very useful, they would solve their problems in an orderly fashion and they would give punishment to those who got out of hand. This was because the the interlopers essay prompts war had been fought on German soil, causing them to lose money in agriculture; also the trade routes had shifted. The empire was a huge political power in the beginning, which made it so powerful. Firstly the empire was centered in Germany and lasted from 926 to 1806. The empire was the most powerful it had ever been. Another cause that attributed to the fall of the Holy Roman Empire was the religious reformations and religious wars. The citizens couldnt just choose an emperor out of random, the emperor had to be at least 18 years old and his parents and his grandparents both had to be noble. The beginning of the empire was a great new beginning for some of the surrounding countries such as Germany and many others.

essay on the holy roman empire definition

The Empire was not always quiet and peaceful, it was invaded by barbaric tribes, one of the.
A central feature of this period was the mortal struggle between the popes later on the empire was given a new name, it was called the holy.

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