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Fast food restaurant argumentative essay

fast food restaurant argumentative essay

food in their head, to make them crave the restaurants food when they are going. Sticking to this diet daily will expose you to a higher risk of obesity. Though the images dont represent everything that he is speaking about, for the images help the audience have a clearer mind as to why these claims are being made. Other analysis for Bittmans argument is on page 662 where he exclaims how businesses are everywhere; The ubiquity, convenience and habit-forming appeal of hyper-processed foods have largely drowned out the alternatives: there are five fast-food restaurants for every supermarket in the United States; in recent. It saves a lot of time and money, especially for people who are coming home from work. If you eat too much fast food over a long period of time, though, it can lead to health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. Fast food is addictive in same way as drugs, say scientists. Stress and crash diets in such cases further disrupt natural appetite patterns. Because of it a lot of people think, that it is a perfect way to give up cooking, but we must not forget, that fast food also can harm our health, dew to it high food concentrate which has a lot of harmful additions. Even if it is easy to buy and cheap, the health risks outweigh the five minutes of satisfaction that fast food brings. Fast food affects emotions and can even prevent the ability to feel pleasure.

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This reference that the author makes is the main goal of his article, trying to convince the audience that eating out is not a lifestyle but a choice. This has produced a nation which is experiencing soaring rates of obesity and obesity-related health complications. This highlights the need to teach kids about healthy food choices. Exposure to a stimulus related to fast bright futures community service essay food makes people impatient and affects our ability to derive happiness from a source of natural beauty and enjoy a great melody. This relation has not been observed for other risky behaviors such as smoking. Even though they keep coming for more poisonous food every day. Its extremely sickening to see that even our soft drinks are now infected by food-borne illnesses that usually derive from meat. As for me, I sometimes eat fast food, but I try to give up eating such products as Coca-cola, crisps and hamburgers. As to what was done in Bittmans article where another person had placed pictures into his article to relate to what he is talking about and to connect with the audience.

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