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Difference between house and home essay

difference between house and home essay

going to my house now. In the front yard there was a water fountain and a long driveway with nice pine trees all the way up to the road. It is possible to use the word "home" without specifying who it belongs to (as in "Hundreds of homes were destroyed by the hurricane. A person's home is the place where they normally live. Home is, on the other hand, as Robert Frost famously said, the place where, when you have to go there, / They have to take you.

On the other hand living in the United States is quite different in comparison to living in Romania on a huge farm with a lot of land and animals around. Try to guess whether each of these phrases should use "house" or "home a single-family _ a dog _ clean the _ on _ arrest a _ loan a _ owner a _ sitter _ improvement _ school your children a beach _ my _town. on house arrest. . "Home" carries more dissertations in psychology respect than "house so you can use it when you want to be polite to someone. The word "home" can also more generally refer to places larger than a single building. In baseball "Home" is the spot on the field where players start and where they have to reach in order to score a point.

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