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Laughter is the best medicine essay in marathi

laughter is the best medicine essay in marathi

laughter is the best medicine, means that laughter is the best way to recover. . Josh Billings said it best when he stated that, There aint much fun in medicine, but theres a heck of a lot of medicine in fun. Laughter exercises the diaphragm, contracts the abs and even works out the shoulders, leaving muscles more relaxed afterwards. By being a witness to our situation rather than allowing ourselves to feel the victim we can find does thesis come before abstraction the humor in it and see with fresh eyes. Its not about changing pain levels.

So if you dont like to laugh, then at least pretend to laugh! Be discerning about your humor by laughing withnot atpeople. With the improved immune system, reduce stressed, better coping ability and positive attitude that comes with laughter, you can survive almost anything too. I have talked to my doctor about this, and he asked me about the appropriateness of humor when people are suffering. Laughing at the expense newspaper report on scientific research of others isnt funny. Funnyand I thought that smart people were usually serious. Perhaps it is better to say that laughter makes medicine work at its best. . It will strengthen your relationship and the contagious effects of laughter may mean youll laugh more than you otherwise would have. I say there is no better time for laughing after all, humor is adaptive, and it allows emotional distance from pain. Further, it can spread positivity to others. Whether or not laughter is the best medicine is, according to these studies, somewhat debatable. . Practice laughter yoga, which.

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