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Irish dance music essay

irish dance music essay

in so far as it bears on Irish dances. Tub nA peifce (Loop and swing). This Hornpipe is called the Harvest Home played on Concertina. For example, a hornpipe wont necessarily be played at dance speed now. It is usually danced by one or more couples, each Horn- pipe Hop-jig 78 couple dancing gre analytical writing essays answers independently of the other couples.

Partners of both couples advance, take right hands across in centre, dance round 4 bars, release right hands, give left hands across, dance round to place again, release hands 4 bars, partners take both hands, couples dance round one an- other in circle and back. In one play the earth, sun, and moon are made to dance the Hey to the tune of Trenchmore. The tune, which is in hornpipe time, is given.

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Moore's Irish Melodies, with Symphonies and Ac- companiments by Sir John Stephenson, Mus. With the single exception of the hornpipe, about the origin of which there is considerable doubt, all the evidence that can be adduced on tbe subject goes to show that the Round and Long dances are older than the step or single dances. Dublin, Gill and Son. Allusions to Irish Heys are frequent in many of the well-known plays of the sixteenth and seventeenth cen- turies, plays by Middleton, Marston, Massinger, Heywood, Dekker, and Shirley. XII grain, and was always danced with pe- culiar glee by the reapers of that farm where the harvest was first finished in any district.

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