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The rise of afrikaner nationalism essay grade 11

the rise of afrikaner nationalism essay grade 11

managed to win in 1948 after they had lost so badly in 1943. Calvinist religious thought that Afrikaners were Gods "chosen people united by a common language: Afrikaans. Its victory also conveniently concealed the cracks within the Party, and the degree to which the its appeal was dependent on Smutss status as an international statesman during wartime conditions. Economic affirmative action in the 1920's and 1930's The Great Depression had a big impact on South Africa and many Afrikaners were forced off their land and into the cities. They worked hard at improving party organisation and expanding the Strydfonds (Battle Fund) which had been started in 1942 with a view to appointing more full-time party organisers.

Although the National Party had won a majority of seats, it failed to secure the majority of votes cast. 3 Geoffrey Cronje developed these ideas further and argued, that as long as the Afrikaner existed as a minority in a racially and culturally different environment, they could not allow the black majority to develop economically or politically, since this would lead to black domination. The Afrikaner Broederbond, ethnic or clan affiliation does not survive because it is an innate characteristic of people and families or of their culture; it survives, or more accurately is recreated or reconstituted, because it is functional to the conditions of peoples present lives. 5 By 1939 the racial segregation had been made into a church dogma: "The policy of segregation as advocated by the Afrikaner and his church is the holy calling of the Church to see to the thousands of poor whites in the cities who fight.

13 The National Party government implemented, alongside apartheid, a program of social conservatism. All of this gave swart gevaar tactics an extra weight in 1948. 20 The organisation was beset by personal and militant scandals in the late 1980s and early 1990s that led to diminished support. A complex network of Afrikaner organisations was established during the 1930s and existing organisations were strengthened. However, because of the opposition of the urban middle class they did not propose a return to conservative, thesis movie avatar pre-modern Boer pastoralism. He acknowledged this as unjust and unchristian, and as a solution offered total segregation, that is apartheid, between the blacks and the whites. Although there were some parallels between Afrikaner nationalism and German Nazism, there were also important portant differences. Such studies tend to see it as the cultural and political product of intense propaganda. During his reign, he steadily promoted Afrikaner nationalism while deepening the racial segregation in the country. 7 Secular Afrikaner nationalism edit During the 1930s and 1940s many intellectuals partook in the theoretical formulation of Afrikaner nationalism. Organisationally, the Party also lacked vigour.

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