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Resistance to organizational change essay pdf

resistance to organizational change essay pdf

change will benefit them. Effective leadership creates the need for change by delivering compelling messages as to why the change has to occur. Forcing a change on others has its place. Every plan should have an action agenda, with steps laid out for accountability and follow-up.

Over the long run, it costs the company more in trying to change people than by simply letting them go and hiring new people that are more aligned with the companys transformation goals. There is a common business saying that managers get what they reward. Over a period of time change fatigue also builds. (5) Climate of mistrust, meaningful organizational change does not occur in a climate of mistrust. Change that is poorly communicated will only stir up organizational resistance. (8) Faulty Implementation Approach (Lack of tact or poor timing) Sometimes it is not what a leader does, but it is how s/he does it that creates resistance to change! This ensures that the organizational change will be met with the least physical resistance or with no resistance at all. Lewin's model has many strengths and weaknesses. Hence proper planning, coordinated approach and complete involvement of all the stakeholders, play a decisive role in implementing strategic decisions and determining the success of change.

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