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Essay on single parents raising children

essay on single parents raising children

claim that a single parent cannot raise a successful child. The kids living with no biological parent or single-parent households are less likely than children with two-parents to exhibit behavioral self-control, and more likely to be exposed to high levels of aggravated parenting, than are the children living with two parents. In recent years, single parenting has become a matter of utter social concern since children from such households are known to face stark social challenges. In 2002 many single families earned less than 30,000 per year compared to two-parent families, which earned more than 75,000 per year according. Children with single parents are believed to be at high risk of being delinquent. Researchers have come up with that children of blended families do worse on average othello essay bored of studies then children who come from the traditional family. The increase in single- parent homes has had an extensive and negative effect on childrens development.

Single-parent families find it harder to function then two-parent families. Length: 1094 words (3.1 double-spaced pages rating: Strong Essays, essay Preview.

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When the child is younger they depend on their parents, but when the child is in its adolescent stage they are independent, they are more separated and distant from their parents, and more self-sufficient, where their friends will become their favored companion, where. Twice the dropout rate. Summary: A divorce on a child is the hardest thing theyll ever have to go through. Many divorced couples not allowed to their child to contact other side, and some even find a place to move to avoid any meeting opportunity, so that children cannot prejudice in the workplace research papers see his father or mother. For a while creating unfamiliarity, instability, and insecurity, never being able to be with one parent without having to be apart from the other parent. The reason delienquency is very likely to occur is because the child is either "motherless" or "fatherless and this may currupt the personality of the child in many ways.

Deviance can occur in any society or home but is mostly connected and associated with broken homes. Summary: Some researchers have come to conclusion that those children who come from blended families score lower on measures of academic achievement, conduct, and the quality of that mother-child and father-child relationship, but with the children from the traditional family will not end up better. 7 Child Care Issues Single Parents Face.

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