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Appreciating what you have essay yet

appreciating what you have essay yet

essay Preview. tags: Erich Fromm Art Loving Romantic Love Essays. Some people have it better than others but everyone should have that one thing that they appreciate. Sometimes it's one of the easiest things to say, but difficult. tags: Happiness Essays. Unhappiness has plagued everyone at a time or two, sometimes even more. Happiness comes when you stop looking for. Whether it is family, friends, an education, or a roof over your head, it's important to appreciate the things you have and not worry about what you don't have. Or having a group of loving and caring friends and family. And the answers you come up with dictates how your life plays out. Important things such as family, friends, and school.

appreciating what you have essay yet

Sometimes its difficult to appreciate what you have in your life because you might be looking at and longing for what you dont have. Appreciation is something that a lot of people dont take seriously and its tossed around like a potato sack, like its not even there. If people were to appreciate things more, then appreciation would have its meaning back and it would be taken more seriously. Essay : People truly appreciate what they have when they compare it to what unfortunate people have.

Some people, (such as myself throughout my teenage years, and upwards till 21 cannot find happiness, cannot walk the path that is too strenuous upon our meager muscles. Even though my parents couldn't give me everything, they gave me what I needed. What matters is I exist, and everything thing I feel touch see know have do not have reaffirms my existence. We grew closer and I started to appreciate my family more than I ever had. I had a bed, clothes, hot shower, food, a home, and most importantly, I had a family. But I could not appreciate any of these things without my parents. It is something that makes a man in his years of aged wisdom stop, smile, and think of happy times. Inner Contentment is knowing we are all alone. And this was yet another step involved in living a fulfilled life. Happiness according scientific studies happiness comes from dopamine taking chemicals around emory past thesis and dissertation the brain, which is a transmitter in the brain that controls the nervous system. We are still we, and since we are what we run from, we will never escape.

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