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My first semester of college essay

my first semester of college essay

own and budgeting my time essay in criticism completely by myself. Allison Perrymond, archer, aSC 101 29 November 2011, i made it through my first semester. I began to realize that not everyone here knew everyone else and everyone was just as anxious and nervous about being here as I was. I felt like going to college was pretty much taking everything that I knew and had grown accustomed to and throwing it up in the air. The first year of college can be a new and exciting journey for many students. As time went by I began to not think so much about going to school and I just wanted to savor the time that I had left with my familiar friends. There will be difficulty transitioning such as adapting to new the new environment, trying to make new friends and difficulty with class work. I was not necessarily scared to be away, but I was a little worried about the transition from the skate free ways of high school that I was very used. Not only did the schoolwork affect my life, but my personal life was affected as well. I didn't know much about the college experience and what I did know (or thought I knew) scared. It displayed the evolution of ballet and how it is impacting the world that we live in today even though it may not be as popular as it once was. Students can also take on new experiences in their first year of college; it can also come with bumps along the way.

I still didn't feel like I was just as mature as my older college friends and I thought that I still looked like I was twelve years old but I figured I had to go sometime. Some of my friends that had already been to college and had come back to visit seemed so much older and more mature. I was worried that the little habits that I had that no one at home seemed to mind might annoy my roommate and that my roommate might have just as many annoying little habits that I might not be able to handle as well. After I thought I wouldn't be able to take the pressures anymore, I decided to approach my mom about the subject. I was just floating around looking for a place to adapt, somewhere to belong.

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