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Kyoto protocol and canada essay

kyoto protocol and canada essay

is the Kyoto Protocol and how it may affect Canada in the future with regards to relations between the Western Provinces, in particular Alberta, and the Federal. Until the day comes when alternative energy is cheap and easy to implement, certain nations will struggle to make the necessary changes to their policies. Any Annex 1 country that fails to meet its Kyoto Protocol target will be penalized by having its reduction targets decreased by 30 in the next period India and China, which have ratified the Kyoto protocol, are not obligated to reduce greenhouse gas production. However, he called for Canada to do more to "improve its brand as a responsible energy producerone that takes full advantage of our country's vast and diverse energy resources. The Economist (December 15, 2011). 32 Geographic Considerations edit Canada's geography, with its vast distances between many communities combined with the length and coldness of Canadian winters, contributes to Canada's high hydrocarbon consumption. Joint Implementation (JI) allows developed countries to undertake projects to reduce emissions in other developed countries to generate Kyoto units. Emission trading allows the countries to purchase GHG emission reductions credits from other countries that do not need to reduce their GHG emissions. Environment Canada, National GHG Inventory. Tim Flannery, author of the influential book entitled The Weathermakers, argued that since the NEP, with its tidal wave of a negative western response, which nearly tore the country apart, no federal governmentLiberal or Conservativehas been brave enough to forge a new energy policy. Kent argued that since Canada could not meet targets, it needed to avoid the 14 billion in penalties for not achieving its goals.

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World Meteorological Organization in 1988, the long-term effects of global warming would include a general rise in sea level around the world, resulting in the inundation of low-lying coastal areas and the possible disappearance of some island states; the melting of glaciers, sea ice, and. Map of Canada showing the increases in GHG emissions by province/territory in 2008, compared to the 1990 base year 50 increase 3050 increase 2030 increase 1020 increase 010 increase 010 decrease, each square represents 2 tonnes CO. The article also focused on (then) Prime Minister Jean ChrÂtien's opposition towards the United States and Alberta, in particular over the Kyoto Protocol and how his position could affect relations between them in the future. He called for a comprehensive, long-term global agreement that includes major emitters like the US, China, India and Brazil. Countries who have yet to make changes to their greenhouse gas emission policies often find the protocol hard to understand, which makes the proper implementation hard to come. Ruling Canada: Corporate Cohesion and Democracy. Data retrieved from CBC interactive graph based on Environment Canada, Statistics Canada. Dillon regards as positive the "series of non-binding pledges in Copenhagen by both developed and developing countries to lower emissions or improve energy intensity, leading to a more flexible structure that might eventually attract broader participation and more meaningful action". Participating countries that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol have committed to cut emissions of not only carbon dioxide, but of also other greenhouse gases, like, Methane (CH4 Nitrous oxide (N2O Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs Perfluorocarbons (PFCs and Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). The landmark accord, signed by all 196 signatories of the unfccc, effectively replaced the Kyoto Protocol.

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