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Is man good or evil by nature essay

is man good or evil by nature essay

seem that no action is indifferent in its species. Some existences destroy other existences. For it there were nothing of good there, there would be neither being nor possibility of action. Evil acts in virtue of deficient goodness. It would seem that the good or evil of an action is not derived from its object. The same force of gravitation is called good when it attracts atoms and molecules of our bodies and keeps together the atoms of our clothes, gives shapes to our houses, bodies, and this earth where we are now living, but it is the producer. For there is no species that does not, cannot, contain an individual. At Cairo and presented to the National Library at Paris (S.C. As a creation of God it is not an obstacle but a potential vehicle for the divine. (See pages 119, 121, 123.) This similarity can be proved from history. And mind you, it is not the Devil who boasts of his integrity, but this is the conclusion at which we arrive from the evidences adduced by his enemies.

Consequently there can be something between good and evil. In the Talmud one who tries to do something good without first ridding himself of the evil is likened to a person immersing in a ritual bath (to cleanse himself of spiritual impurity) while holding a rodent (something that causes spiritual impurity).

is man good or evil by nature essay

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Whether a human action is good or evil in its species? What matter where, if I be still the same And what I should." Click to view milton'S satan. But when I look at things from the various standpoints, I can understand how the same event can produce good and evil in relation to different conditions. 456:1 Tylor, Primitive Culture, Vol. The conjugal act and adultery, as compared to reason, differ specifically and have effects specifically different; because the other deserves praise and reward, the other, blame and punishment. And yet, we cannot accept. He is hatred, destruction, and annihilation incarnate, and as such he is the adversary of existence, of the Creator, of God. 457 conscience: what he is pleased to consider as ethical, he thinks is ethical. Although external things are good in themselves, nevertheless they have not always a due proportion to this or that action. And these relations may be good as well. Truly if we cannot have a religion which makes us free and independent, let us discard religion! 459 paragraph continues It has been said that man is more rapacious, more egotistical, more immoral, than brutes.

Consequently the action done is a deficient good, which is good in a certain respect, but simply evil. 468:1 See the illustration on page 441. He agrees with the essential goodness of man, and that "evil" is only caused by the environment one is raised in, but that it's not enough to clear out the "thorns and thistles" of negative influences and impulses. 440, click to view, egyptian devil.

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