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Essay on national flower of pakistan

essay on national flower of pakistan

for three days. The National Flower 'Lotus' or water lily is an aquatic plant of Nymphaea species with broad floating leaves and bright aromatic flowers that grow only in shallow waters. The flowers are the key focus of the plant, and are large and showy, predominantly pink or white in color. It is meant to reinforce the countrys image to the world and play a part in upholding the qualities that the nation holds true. Image Credit: cultivation Method, lotus is cultivated throughout the world for the food value of the stems and rhizome as well as for the aesthetic value of the flowers.

A prominent feature of the Indian mythology, the lotus is one with the Indian identity and represents the core values of Indian psyche. The petals close after sunset trapping in the pollinating agents. Contrary to a preconceived idea, jasmine tea is not really made of jasmine. In some cultures, the jasmine flower is a symbol of prosperity and luck. The flower has the combination of Yellow and White colors which is one of the best and eye pleasing color combination in the flowers. The petals are often used for ornamental purposes like garnishing. Most jasmine species have very fragrant white flowers, but some species have yellow or pink flowers and others even lack perfume. He refused to let anyone cut flowers from his garden.

Subdivision: Spermatophytina, class: Magnoliopsida. Jasmine is a very unique and beautiful flower which demonstrates the uniqueness of the nature. Apart from its aesthetic value, the entire lotus plant is of considerable economic and medicinal value as well. She was so charmed by the fragrance of this flower that she agreed to marry him, and so began the Tuscan tradition of putting jasmine in the bouquet of the bride. Although the tropical jasmine flower cannot be cultivated in temperate regions, some modern growers can. To make tea, the jasmine buds are picked during the day and added to the tea during the night when the buds begin to release their perfume. Jasmine flower buds are used in medicine for the treatment of skin and eye diseases, while the leaves are used to treat breast tumors. Whether you choose to grow jasmine in your garden, or prefer to relax in a bath infused with jasmine perfume, the fragrance of jasmine will help you renew your mind and feel warm and sensual. The symbols are either being associated due to any significant historical Places event or occasion or for any other critical importance of that particular element in that country.

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