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Hunger games associate thesis statement

hunger games associate thesis statement

and that Katniss really wishes he hadn't been the one chosen as her co-tribute (2.23). Her affection for him is unmistakable, though she insists there is nothing romantic between them. In fact, it seems that she has eschewed passion and tenderness ever since her father's demise. When the shock of the tragedy left her mother near-catatonic and useless, Katniss had no choice but to turn to this illegal trade to support her family, which she does not only through gathering food but also by trading her wares for other commodities. Her mother's family had held some social standing as healers, but that was lost when her mother married her father, a common miner. We should also remember, though, that much of Peeta's reflection on himself has to do with the fact that, unlike Katniss, he is not of the survivalist mindset. Though gladiator fights are often portrayed as heroic in our popular entertainments, the truth is they were horrific and violent events, where lower rungs of society were put in a ring to battle to the death while thousands of people watched complacently, unaware of the. His ongoing affections make him a symbol of the hopeless romantic a role he plays exceedingly well both on and off camera.

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Katniss is the reader's way into the story, but the story has implications far greater than she could ever know. I agree with this statement, because there are many homeless people in our society that are not taken care. Collins suggests that we allow ourselves to be distracted by vacuous, uncivilized entertainments that only suggest the lower qualities of humanity, while the world is growing more unjust by the day, the wealth gap increases, atrocities are committed in the name of justice, and lies. Mayor Undersee, who enjoys their strawberries. His feelings for Katniss capture the audience's heart (and some of the readers' as well attesting to the power of romance and its attendant narratives. But equally important is the complexity of the narrator's characterization, which will develop to sustain growth and increasing conflict over the course of the novel and two sequels as well. For this, Katniss feels deeply indebted to him. A thesis statement should be a clear and direct response to the prompt. . The narrator and protagonist of, the Hunger Games, a 16 year old girl named. Obviously, this system discriminates against poorer citizens who need the extra resources and hence make themselves more likely tributes.

One of these. Katniss associates Peeta with dandelions: the flower that she and Prim used as food after her father died (2.58).

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