Video 3Digests Video cards: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Above, it has a circle with the company’s name. If you can’t handle the concept of a simulated graphics card, pretend those results aren’t included. Only ABIT ships an unusually sky-blue card. As you know, the intermediate version of Ti left the stage, and production of such cards and chips was ceased. Below are the cooling devices:

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Customize The Tech Report I’ve been reviewing products since and started out at Gaming Nexus.

Above, it has a circle with the company’s name. Such a complicated construction needs good fastening: Mobile, Mac OS and Linux users can choose other download options by deselecting the installer checkbox below the download button. As for the tested samples, together with the ViewSonic P monitor and BNC Bargo cable the cards showed excellent quality at the following resolutions and frequencies: All tests were run at least twice, and the results were averaged.

In some cases, the 64MB cards will be faster.

ABIT Siluro GF4 TiX OTES Review – Gaming Nexus

But if such noise is not critical for you, compared to efficiency of a video card and of a main unit for example, if your computer case is very little sjluro tight which is located far under the desk, the card will be a good choice. Only the VGA’s place is taken by a tubular radiator.


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Here is the stuff coming with the cards: There is a mighty big drop when turning on anti-aliasing to si,uro a cleaner edges. Just want to say that it is the same GeForce4 Ti only working at a lower frequency. I decided to try such a cooling method and measured the chip’s temperature with an external thermo sensor which is traditionally delivered with certain boards: Now let’s look at peculiarities of each card.

ABIT Siluro GF4 Ti OTES, ASUS VS Video Cards Review

Now generally, we don’t take kindly to manufacturers offering cards whose names are potentially misleading. Outside Thermal Exhaust System. Memory bandwidth is 8GB per second and the card ti44200 MB on it.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

Abit Siluro GF4 Ti4200 Free Driver Download (Official)

The Ti cards from Gainward was already examined some time ago, but that time it was a card with MBytes of memory, and today we have a 64 MBytes model. Running the benches three times on each setting, I took the averages as the final score.

The installer setup siluroo may include a purely optional advertising offer which you are free to decline. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile.


It was a dp awkward to try and put the card into the AGP slot because of the design and heaviness of the card. Steam names the best-selling games of If you have questions about our methods, hit our forums to talk with us about them.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Now let’s take a gander at the accessories: That is why I recommend that you go to the above review, and later I will give you definite links.

NVIDIA’s reasons for this arrangement aren’t entirely clear to me, but I expect the decision has to do with balancing the cost of RAM against the desire to keep these cards priced substantially lower than the Ti Maybe we will get one-two more such cards. As you know, the intermediate version of Ti left the stage, and production of such cards and chips was ceased. Only ABIT ships an unusually sky-blue card. Single page Print The specs Let’s pull out the ol’ chip chart once again to see how the Ti fits into the picture.