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There is a song. CC 32 4A Add an 08 onto the end: Step 3 – Getting the file to work in game So now you’ve assembled the file and it plays in Sappy, but you see that it doesn’t play in game. I’ve only done it with FireRed, though. YoY My Showdown Spoiler: That’s why I had you extend them earlier.

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The voicegroup pointer came immediately after the first four bytes of the header, remember?

Sappy is capable of inserting new music for you hba you set it up correctly. So say you wanted to change the music playing on a map, but you didn’t know the hex value of the song you wanted to change it to, this is what this document will tell you.

In this tut, I might say A.

This is the location of the track in the ROM. Sappy keeps the limit 5, but in VBA you will hear them all. January 6th, 2: Play your song and wherever it says square1 or square2 you need to change its pointer. Find threads started by YoY-X. Originally Posted by zaayid I have a problem with Sappy. Ignore Posts by YoY-X. Ignore Sappu by Akiba.


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Find all posts by ps4star. If all goes well, you should see your MIDI file listed in the left ggba. How do we put the export tracks down like. Create an account to post a reply in this thread, participate in other discussions, and more!

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A paste write will overwrite bytes. Note that the free space offset should end in 0, 4, 8, or C. Find all posts by Renegade. Find threads started by droomph. June 4th, 3: Drums are a bit different, but more confusing.

Find all posts by Le pug.

I tried it and it worked! I found out that for the loop start and for loop end work really well.

Find some free space in your ROM for the track data. Originally Posted by zaayid.

January gbba, 2: Extending the song table Extending the new song table is easy enough. PPH – A great hacking forum: Send a private message to YoY-X. Thank you Magnius for making this guide.



No you’d need the midi. GBA Music Looping http: Will this be easier to insert midi files for use? DirectSound and GBSynth voices.