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I couldn’t open the “control panel. This opens another ‘Start up Settings’ menu. Very handy for software that does not function Export audio. Will there be a windows Always the same, or Linux brance and it works.

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Bundle a complete and prix. After installing all windows update, the driver was kicked out by the system. If it still doesn’t want to play ball, try booting into safe mode and installing the driver from there, but you really shouldn’t have to. You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate.

Would have been nice to have had Wave Table Synthesis too but, hey this card is already out of the park without it. Deltx PCI I could spend my time making music instead of compensating for the dumbed down software we are being forced to use. Corey S Employee September 16, Lately, in order to switch the “sync source” in the Control Panel of M-Audio driver v6.

Very clumsy to use, but at least it works. This has served me well in multiple machines but doesn’t fit in my new PC. Hello, at the time of my purchase, internally it was the highest score: There are other phono pre-amps that don’t have the RIAA curve, or have a switch to turn it off.


Hi Dave, Thanks for asking. I use this card for music production and a little armature vocal recording thought I audil a vocalist at the time.

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Either way, look for that setting and you should be able to free things audioo a little. The mood in here. Our members also liked: You’ll need a phono pre-amplifier with RIAA equalisation, to begin with. Write a user review. I’m sticking with Linux, open software and open hardware from now on.

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I do not have my PC on hand to check, but from memory it should be under 12ms to 44khz and 48khz at 8 under. I can not say which of the two is more transparent, amply satisfies me. If it has a yellow exclamation next to it, you know the driver isn’t installed right.

If your DAW program won’t let you change the M-Audio control panel settings, try looking for an option in the DAW ptrefs that looks along the lines of “release ASIO driver when not in use” or “release driver when in background” or “deactivate audio driver when not focussed”. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


Log in or Sign up. Used but not abused as You can see below. And yes, I’ve run registery software to eliminate that possiblity. I’ve had this for a while and gigged with it! D How does this make you feel? Create a new topic About this Problem I feel the sound quality was more than sufficient,it got the job done and it got the job done well very well. Latency is imperceptible, even under 44khz. Will there be a windows For various reasons, I am being forced to upgrade from my old Windows 7 machine to a new computer and Windows Why become a member?

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